Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Bragging about my awesome husband on his Birthday!

I have been a blog slacker (as my family kindly reminds me)
but I wanted to make sure everyone knows what a wonderful husband I have-
and today is his birthday.
There's not much in the gift department that he wants, 
so I'm publicly giving him the recognition he deserves!
 He is constantly thinking about other people.
There is not a selfish bone in this guy!
He is a hard worker and is excellent at what he does-
people like working for him and he consistently delivers results.
(which also benefits me in terms of work incentive trips!)
Paul is a faithful priesthood holder and constantly magnifies his callings.
He is serving as Bishop right now and sincerely loves the people he serves.
(there is his, bishopping in the background)

He is an awesome, fun dad.  The kids love him and they love to be with him.
Paul recognizes the influence he can have with them and strives to be a great role model and example for them.  Even though his time is precious, he makes sure they know how much he loves them!

And Paul is fun!  I love to be with him. And so does everyone else!

(yep--Chad too!)

I feel so incredibly blessed to have Paul has my husband and best friend.  
He is a caring, devoted husband who always puts me first.  

 Happy Birthday!


cbunting said...

Happy birthday Big Red! Hope you had a great day. I'll dance with you any time.

Heather said...

happy happy birthday Paul!