Thursday, March 07, 2013

Goofy's Challenge

The reason for our Disney World trip started back in the summer.
I decided I wanted to do the Goofy's Challenge Race-
run 1/2 marathon on day 1
run a full marathon on day 2
I'm not fast, so I figure I can be impressive by putting in the miles.

I trained all through the fall and early winter.
My longest training run was a full 26 miles the Saturday before Christmas.
I actually went into the race feeling ready and excited!

Disney makes races a lot of fun--lots of music, cheering fans, characters, and great volunteers!
Before I knew it, I was finished with the half-marathon.
I felt really good and actually finished under 2 hours.

The half-marathon Donald Medal
(Disney has the best medals!)
I was finished running and back to the hotel before anyone was awake,
so we got ready and hit the parks until 9 pm
(I would have stayed later, but knew I was getting up at 3 am the next day for the marathon)
There is nothing like running through Cinderella's Castle,
and a nice volunteer took this picture for me!

I felt amazing during the entire race-which is a first for me.
My previous 2 marathons I was ready to stop at mile 20.
(Disney is awesome and actually did have characters from The Haunted Mansion at mile 18 or so and you could lie down and take a picture by a headstone!)
I ran into a guy from New York around mile 22 and we started chatting.
He asked if I was planning to go under four hours and I responded I hoped to be anywhere around there.
Then he looked at my bib and in shock said, "You already ran yesterday?!  You're looking awesome!"
That is totally how I felt!
So I cruised in to the finish line and picked up my Mickey medal and my Goofy medal!

I was so proud of myself and proud of what I had accomplished.
What do you do when you finish Goofy's Challenge?
You go to DisneyWorld, of course!
Paul proudly took a picture of my new hardware...


cbunting said...

Nice work Miss!!! We are super proud of you! You should come out and run STG with me this year...

Heather said...

Way to go! SO proud of you!

Jennie said...

This is phenomenal! You are phenomenal! Way to go Melissa. What an accomplishment!

Ashley said...

You are amazing! I am so proud of you!