Thursday, May 02, 2013

Matthew Turns 12!

Who told this little guy that he could grow up?

 And I have a feeling this big guy will still keep growing!
I've had all sorts of feelings run through me as Matt's birthday came and went.
First, he was twelve and old enough to officially babysit for us!  Yay!
Then, Holy Cow?  Our kid is twelve already? How did that happen?
And finally, I kept getting weepy.
Over the weekend, Matthew was ordained to the office of a Deacon and received the priesthood.  
I sat in there with the Deacons' Quorum as Paul and the other great Priesthood leaders put their hands on Matthew's head and gave him the authority to act for God on this earth.
Matt took this all very seriously and I was so proud of him.
Last night we went to the temple do do baptisms for the dead as a ward youth group.
Matt just squeaked in there with his birthday and it was such a wonderful experience!

It will be so fun to watch Matthew continue to grow--he has so much to look forward to and his future is full of possibilities!

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Heather said...

Happy birthday Matt!